RRTC technology overcomes the limitations of conventional ceramics processing technology...

  • Novel, low temperature solidification process invented by the Richard Riman and the Riman Research Group at Rutgers University

  • Exclusively licensed to RRTC, Inc.

  • Enables co-processing of ceramics, metals and polymers unlocking a world of new materials with custom properties tailored to meet the needs of the most demanding applications

  • Conventional ceramic composite materials technology cannot do this

  • RRTC's process is low-cost, easy to implement and sustainable

RRTC has mastered four innovative, proprietary platform technologies for manufacturing advanced composite materials...

  • Low Temperature Solidification (LTS)

  • Hydrothermal Vapor Synthesis (HVS)

  • Rapid Solidification

  • Dry Carbonation

These technologies enable the production of advanced composite materials with properties and structures never seen before